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mental health







…with the odd picture from my day to day life.

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“Love these emails! Honestly it’s like when a mate hasn’t replied for a few days on WhatsApp and they give you an update in one”

– Jess

“Loving your Friday newsletters, literally giving me life!”

– Aimee

I look forward to your little notes every Friday

– Dawn

LOVE your emails, I enjoy the synopsis of your week, the recommendations are great, whether it’s a book, Instagram account or app.

– Jayne

This is Naomi Gale

I am a teacher, FAM educator in training and just all round down to earth type of gal. I’m that friend who just tells it how it is and after years of feeling like I shouldn’t say how I feel lest it pisses someone off…I now embrace my straight talking approach to life.

Sandwiched into this ‘tell it how it is’ chat is someone who really, deeply cares. I am a Advocat FYI. After years of teaching in the classroom and working through my own deep-rooted difficulties, I am here to spread the love and joy that is finding who you are, what you deeply need and working with our bodies rather than against them.

Based in the UK, I am a want-to-be hipster who, apparently, is too posh to be full on-hippy (whatever that means) I dream of living in Lewes but I live in a very Sussex village instead. I also dream of a time when we teach our young people to understand exactly how their bodies work and how to work with them while, of course, learning how to do that ourselves.

I started writing this newsletter when I realised I wanted to build on my community which I originally found on Instagram.

You can find me (and others) writing in my scrapbook, responding to letters and being carefree on the gram.

Can’t wait for you to join us all.